Apr 10, 2014

Thrifty Thursday

One of my favorite thrift stores is Volunteers of America. I often find doll things there and most of my fabric is thrifted from there as well. One of the best things I've found there is a really nice chair and the best part about it was the price. ONLY $5.00!!!


Apr 8, 2014

Tut Test Tuesday - Photo Editing

After preparing stock for Shuto Con I am a bit burnt out from sewing so today's Tut test will be a photo editing Tutorial.

I often don't use a fancy camera, just my cell phone iPhone 4s. So most of my dolly pics aren't the best. This tutorial from Y-n-Y on deviantart was pretty simple to follow. I made different adjustments but use the same steps.

In the end the results were not that bad considering I started with a cell phone pic. I think my favorite part of the tutorial was using the dodge tool on the eyes. This really made them POP!

This tutorial is done using Photoshop.
  1. Go to Image-->Adjustments-->Match Color and play with the luminance and color intensity.
    I put my luminance at 120 and my color intensity at 105
  2. Brighten the eyes with the dodge tool on the highlights
  3. Go to Image-->Adjustments-->Brightness/Contrast
    I put my Brightness at -7 because my pic had some really bright spots. And my contrast at 40
  4. Go to Image-->Adjustments-->Selective Color
    Since my pic had a lot of black like the sample pic I set colors to "blacks", I then played around with the sliders as suggested and settled on Cyan +10, Magenta +2, Yellow -12, Black +15
  5. Lastly I applied Sharpen and Reduce Noise filters
Here is the end result: